Webinar: How are urban initiatives and actions supporting Green, Just and Productive Cities in the EU? The Just City

De (Engelstalige) webinars vinden plaats op: 

  • (The Productive City: 20 September 2021) 
  • (The Green City: 27 September 2021)
  • The Just City: 4 Oktober 2021

Tijdstip: tussen 14.00 en 16.00 uur

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The webinars will be based around the series of articles on the 14 Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU which link actions and activities with other relevant EU projects and initiatives supported by Cohesion Policy (including Urban Innovative Actions, URBACT and Article 7 cities benefitting from the European Regional Development fund (ERDF).

The Just City
The Just City Webinar is 2-hour session taking place on 4 October 2021. The webinar will bring together experience from cities, with a focus on how to further the implementation of this NLC pillar. In particular, experiences from Action Leaders of the Urban Agenda for the EU, as well as cities from Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), from URBACT and others benefitting from Article 7 cities implementing ERDF will be showcased. The focus of the webinar will then turn to the future, featuring presentations from relevant
DG’s at the European Commission on on-going or upcoming initiatives related to urban development and according to the thematic angle of the Just City. The webinars will feature key insights and conclusions, Q&A with participants, and a guided discussion on future opportunities involving all speakers in the webinar.


14:00 Welcome and introduction Elodie Salle, Urban Agenda for the EU Technical Secretariat –
session moderator, Thomas De Béthune, Team Leader for Sustainable Urban Development, DG REGIO, European Commission

14:05 PART 1: Dynamics and solutions around UAEU Actions and other EU initiatives Mark Boekwijt, EU Affairs representative of the City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Michaela Kauer, Director of the Brussels Liaison Office, City of Vienna, Austria UAEU city/Urbact/UIA/Article 7 city representatives (TBC)

14:35 Concluding remarks and Q&A with participants, Just City Expert

14:50 PART 2: Future EU opportunities towards just cities, Karel Vanderpoorten, Policy Officer – Social Economy, DG GROW, European Commission, Dan Pavel Doghi, Team Leader, Non-discrimination and Roma coordination, DG JUST, European Commission (TBC), Thomas De Béthune, Team Leader for Sustainable Urban Development, DG REGIO, European Commission

15:20 Guided discussion (with all speakers)

15:35  Launch of the Just Transition for Cities Capitalisation project, Representative from UIA

15:50 Conclusion and main takeaways